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Oguz Dinc writes fiction, mostly short stories, and his novels are coming.


He was born in Ankara, quite a while ago. He was a happy kid. He was so glad to learn to read and write, to the relief of his parents who had to read him everything around. 


He found his passion for literature when he was a primary school kid, listening to The Great Expectations of Dickens on the radio show; "A Novel, A Story". 


He wrote his first piece when he was in the second grade, about a boy playing with his tin soldiers and train. Its literary quality can be questionable, still, it was his first piece. 


He chose to write short stories in high school. Do we always know why we make certain choices?


He found the masters, great writers walking on the long road of literature. He desired to keep walking on their path.


His works appeared in literary magazines in Turkish. 


He had the joy of seeing his short story collections on the bookstore shelves for three times. 


He placed awards in significant story contests in Turkey. 


He wanted to reach beyond the ocean and translated his stories into English. His works appeared in Glimmer Train, Typishly, sgrol.io, Fiction Southeast, and Turnpike. Glimmer Train awarded his pieces, a third place and two honorable mentions in 2017 and 2019. He was a finalist in Bridging the Gap Award given at SLICE 2018 Literary Writers' Conference in New York.


He believes in the universality of literature. He loves the city; its lights, people, and jazz.


He is living with his beloved wife, the light of his life, and, yes, he keeps writing.  


His latest short-story collection in Turkish, "Gün İzleri (The Traces of Days)" was published in June 2019. ​